BIM - Blue Iris Media

The people behind Blue Iris Media runs this company out of passion. We love what we do and we love giving our customers the best result. 
Enjoying taking on customers with online media buying projects, consulting or  SEO site migrations – we love them all.

This is something which will be reflected in our customers result. 

At BIM we take results seriously.

A serious data-driven approach

Results are measured in numbers. Our strategies starts in data, executed with help of data and measured in data. We take data seriously and thats why we have created a seperate division which only keeps track of data. 

Giving back online

At BIM we believe in development of customer satisfaction but also your inner self. Hence we support several humanitarian, educational and self development. Some we pay, some we help with SEO, some we hold workhops for. We believe in in growth in all directions and if you want to check out some of the partners we gotten to known, check it out below:
Here are some organizations we like:
  • Guidance to Inner Peace & Happines –
  • World’s First Beachfront Coworking AND COliving Space –

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