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Want people to see you?

Blue Iris Media is a young digital marketing and media agency which helps companies get visibility online. We use innovative digital solutions to help you get your products and services infront of the right eyes.

Let us explain how we do it.

Our services

SEO & Link building

Do you want to position your products in front of the eyes of customers in Google? We know how to get on page number 1.

Lead generation

Have you recently started an online business and want to be seen by customers today? We have traffic for you.

Tracking & CRO

Do you want people to stop gaze at your products and become loyal customers? We can optimize your customer journey for success.


Blue Iris Media (BIM) was founded by three Swedish professionals in 2019. We have several years of traffic acquisition in the luggage and have now set the eyes on India. Our core values are based on a data-driven approach, which has successfully helped several companies getting stock listed.

But we are humans too – we value relationships and the people behind the relation strongly. Good communication is the key of planning and executing data-driven strategies. If you want to know even more about us, have a look at the About us page.


At BIM we always strive to improve ourselves and our employees. Therefore we always educate our employes to have relevant certifications, so you can be assured your work is done with quality.

Are you ready to be seen?